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Home cockpit

Status Component Type

High level component to allow home page view of system



This Component can be used by using the following HTML Tag:



Attribute Type Comments
access RouteAccessControlConfigurationElement RouteAccessControlConfig - basically the config for access control
appIds string[] The list of LA Application IDs you want to handle
createLabel string
customFormDefs CustomFormDefs Custom Form configuration file
email string
  • Email address of the user (comes from resolver)
formConfig FormConfig Custom Form Layout Configuration
formsFramework string
legacyCreators boolean
legacyWorkitems boolean
roles Roles Roles - The users current roles
sandboxId number sandboxId - this comes from claims resolver
title string page title comes from config resolver
uiAppId string The Application ID of the UI (should ideally be unique as it is shared state key)
userId string The ID of the logged user
userName string The name of the logged user


Attribute Type Comments
routeAction EventEmitter
Event routeAction Component requests route to another page
Payload RouteAction RouteAction object to tell caller to navigate somewhere

full development Documentation

Link to LiveAppsHomeCockpitComponent