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TIBCO Cloud™ Composer - Analytics App

Pattern - Analytics App, is a sample that just connects TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire.

The Pattern application Analytics App, contains the essentials to open a Spotfire Dashbord and take action. It is based on the Spotfire Implementation stored here, and known as Spotfire Wrapper.



a detailed Video of building a similar App from scratch End to End.

This Pattern App is using some Services Offerings of the TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps Subscription, e.g. Shared State to store Application Configurations. Also if the App should be hosted on TIBCO Cloud™, a TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps Subscription is needed to upload the App to the Web Resource Provisioning Service.


Copyright © 2022. TIBCO Software Inc.
This file is subject to the license terms contained in the license file that is distributed with this file.

For more license details and dependent third party components referenced by this library, see here: - TIBCO Cloud Composer License PDF - TIBCO Cloud Composer License TXT