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Next Steps

here the next Steps we like to take for the Angular Components in priority and as time allows:

  • add more Pattern Apps, ... detailed planning started already
  • add more CLI Tooling
  • add other more connectivity options to all TIBCO Cloud™ API's, e.g.
    TIBCO Cloud™ Events, TIBCO Cloud™ Metadata

latest TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version

Release 25.May 2022

new features as TIBCO Cloud Integration Flogo® Encryption activities to handle

  • encrypt
  • decrypt
  • hash handling and validation
  • plus url shortener

Release 24.January 2022

new features, updates, and fixes

Library Release Notes

  • Updated all underlying version with latest security updates and bug fixes
  • Allowing Scroll Options in Tables (so the header stays fixed on top)
  • Fixed an issue around the interactivity of the Graphs

TCLI Release Notes

  • Allow to recursively create folders
  • Fixes related to weird characters in CIC Organization Names
  • Added option to create the global connection configuration: tcli --createGlobalConfig(-g)
  • Using the public TCI API to show Apps
  • Tenants that you have access to but your oAuth token does not have this tenant in scope, show up as orange
  • New validation: tenant_access:NIMBUS
  • Allowing to provide answers when working with multiple environments
  • Allow for IF statements when working with multiple environments, for example:
  • Fixed an issue, when there are too many Cloud Apps Deployed
  • You can specify a property when uploading a Spotfire report (for example ‘AllowWebPlayerResume’ to allow the user to save state)
  • Shows a result table when working with multiple cloud organisations, for example if you run validation task to check access

New TCLI Tasks

  • delete-file-from-cloud-folder: Deletes file(s) from a LiveApps Organization Folder
  • tci-manage-api-access: Manage the API access for the TCI API
  • upload-discover-asset: Uploads a discover asset, for example used in the landing page background picture or icons
  • generate-client-code-from-tci-app: Generates client code from a Flogo application, so you can invoke this from your application.

Release 29.October 2021

update some 3rd Party Libs

  • Updated libraries for Charts (upgrade from version 2.x to 3.x)
  • watch-discover-config: Looks for changes in the configuration for Project Discover JSON file, and uploads them
  • show-nimbus-maps: Shows a list of available Nimbus maps
  • The TCLI now works independently of LiveApps, which means you can manage a cloud environment with Just Spotfire for example.
  • Updated all dependent versions
  • Latest security updates

Release 23.September 2021

start moving from TIBCO LABS project to get part of the TIBCO Cloud product family, as TIBCO Cloud Composer

Release 18.August 2021

update to latest major Angular 12 version

  • update Framework to Angular 12.1.1
  • other security fixes
  • new major version 3.x.x is with this release

Release 28.Jun 2021

adding a new Pattern App Library.

The Application allows you to get quickly an Pattern App preview into your own TIBCO Cloud™ Subscription. more details

Release 28.May 2021

adding 2 new 3rd party components and features

  • CLI with loader spinner
  • usage of 'axios' for service requests

Release 7.May 2021

adding new features and tutorial

new Libraries:

  • Add option to disable cache on document download
  • Full exposure of the cloud toolbar (so you can include organization, capabilities and user info)
  • Option to send a message to the user (for example that your cloud starter is under construction)
  • Upgraded all versions with latest security fixes (on Angular 10)
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Security fixes

The Cloud CLI, new Tasks and changes:

  • show-live-apps-design-time-apps: Shows Live Apps Applications in Development (applications that can be copied).
  • copy-live-apps-between-organizations: Copies a LiveApps application between organizations (possibly with a master OAUTH token).
  • create-spotfire-library-folder: Creates a new Library Folder.
  • share-spotfire-library-folder: Shares a Spotfire Library Folder with a Specific User.
  • copy-spotfire-library-item: Copies a Spotfire Library Item from one place to another (possibly between organizations).
  • rename-spotfire-library-item: Renames a Spotfire Library Item (a DXP for example).
  • delete-spotfire-library-item: Deletes a Spotfire Library Item (including folders).

The tcli code base has moved from javascript to typescript, which result in a more robust set of code.

  • You can do Global Property replacements when entering a task (~{Organization} for the organisation @{Property_Name} for any property from the property file)
  • Additional validations in the validation task: Spotfire_Library_Item_exists
  • Additional SPECIAL add-or-update-properties: Organization_Name, Organization_ID, Shared_StateID, Spotfire_FolderPath
  • Updated all packages with the latest versions, for security and bug fixes.
  • A recording feature, which can be used by running start-recording & stop-recording interactively

see Docs for all details.

Release 24.February 2021

adding new CI/CD Section:

  • more CLI Tooling for TIBCO Cloud
  • more Tutorials on CI/CD topic
  • new fresh Project Cover Background

adding echomd (for CLI Tooling) and crypto-js (for CIC OAuth) with this release.

see new CI/CD section of the Docs.

Release 10.December 2020

adding TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Flogo® Extensions with this Release written in GOlang:

  • Flogo® Activity for TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps
  • Flogo® Activity for Script execution

see new GOlang section of the Docs.

Release 13.November 2020

Big upgraded to latest Angular 10, which improves performance, plus:

  • Latest Security Patches
  • OAuth Support
  • Contextual Help
  • Build Pipeline Integration (Jenkins)
  • CLI Updates to Manage Multiple Cloud Environments
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging improvements
  • Additional TIBCO Spotfire Sample reports in the Analytics Template
  • Styling updates and adjustments

Release 05.August 2020

update which includes:

Angular Libs

  • Auto close Live Apps Case Creator dialog
  • New component to run OOTB form from web component.
  • Added select option for search
  • Fix dev 1st time form issue by only loading libs after login when in dev/non TIBCO Cloud hosting.
  • Changed workitems to use new wc
  • Created new custom form registry settings page
  • Added callout to custom form
  • Allow optional select when searching for cases with caseSearchEntries service
  • Added Case Creation Result to dialog
  • Fix to formCancel
  • Change notification method calls to notifySubmit/notifyCancel etc
  • Added form refs for case creators and actions
  • Added hidePurgable to case search
  • Added isAdmin to app def service
  • Change types for attributes, roles and add scope. Fix url on delete.
  • Add StateRole type
  • Added Header Text for Creator
  • Externalized configuration pagination and layout
  • Fix for mat-form-field must contain a matformfieldcontrol
  • Added optional scope when creating shared state
  • Added ability to delete shared state by name and scope
  • Make contextual help configurable
  • Upper limit to Spotfire refresh
  • Security updates and Bugfixes


  • Export Live Apps cases fix
  • Store version for case type
  • Fixed bug where no password is set in the prop file.
  • LiveApps Case Import
  • Export many Live Apps Cases to one file
  • Show Cloud Info
  • Error handling on delete cloud starter
  • Adding Cloud Starter Descriptor
  • Multiple deployment, '@' property replacement

NPM TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version 1.2.5

Release 17.April 2020

update which includes:

  • TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging - Initial Release
  • TCLI, New Tasks: Delete-Cloud-Starter, Show-Live-Apps, Export-Case-Type, Export-Live-Apps-Cases
  • TCLI, Name Changes: differentiating between cloud starters and live apps
  • TCLI, Bug Fixes, to make cli work in windows
  • Bug Fixes

NPM TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version 1.2.4

Release 16.March 2020

Bugfix release

  • Fixed bug with page continuously reloading on deployment.

NPM TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version 1.2.3

Release 13.March 2020

update which includes:

  • Leveraging the latest form renderer from LiveApps.
  • Added the ability to use javascript functions/buttons on rendered forms.
  • Configuration for Spotfire to LiveApps Mapping, so you can configure creating a LiveApps Case, based on a Spotfire Marking.
  • 2 New Schematics; one for a Spotfire Report with a configuration and one for an Analytics Cockpit.
  • Schematic handling and configuration in the TCLI.
  • Some Bug fixes …

NPM TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version 1.2.2

Release 28.February 2020

update which includes:

  • A Schematic for Spotfire, to quickly add a Spotfire report to your Cloud Starter.
  • Manage-Multiple support for tcli, which allows you to execute tasks on many Cloud Starters and many environments at once.
  • An update feature for 'tcli'
  • Additional configurations for the LiveApps Lib and the Spotfire Lib.
  • Performance updates and Bug fixes

NPM TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version 1.2.1

Release 30.January 2020

new Pattern 'Analytics App' added, allows to integrate with TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Dashboards within an broad Angular App Solution.

  • new Pattern 'Analytics App' added to the list of available Apps.
  • adding new 'TIBCO Spotfire® Wrapper' Library Component.
  • New custom form layout capability for generated forms (casedata, creator, action)
  • OAuth interceptor for forthcoming CIC release
  • Proxy interceptor to use TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery® proxy for API calls
  • TCLI updated to provide shared state management

NPM TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version 1.2.0

Release 7.January 2020

new Pattern 'Base App' added, just containing basics, a great starting point for any Solution.

Release 13.November 2019

added a new page, to list all available Pattern Apps on one Page.

Release 26.October 2019

added new no-coding App configuration Options

  • more configuration Options on the first App Splash Screen,
  • including Background and Icon Image upload options.

Release 7.October 2019

update around Forms

  • Ability to filter actions from the actions list in a custom case cockpit.
  • Ability to push case change (run hidden action) from a custom case form.

Release 20.September 2019

update and fixes

  • fixes to auto-rendered-forms get displayed

Release 16.September 2019

release contains a number of UX Style fixes + Version updates

  • Schematic Version updates
  • UI Component layout fixes
  • some Release Testing, and Legal Approvals

Release 30.August 2019

first public available release, and new Tooling

  • Angular Schematics Tooling
  • npm Tooling

Release 31.July 2019

first closed available release, with restricted access only

  • initial Release with 58 Core, and TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps Components
  • ready to use 'Case Manager App' for TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps

Early Drafts and Beta Stage from 26.April 2019

This is where we started the Development.