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show-cloud - Show Cloud Details

show-cloud-roles - Displays which tenants you have access to, and what roles you have

change-tibco-cloud-region - Change the Region in the cloud-properties file

show-tibco-cloud-organizations - Shows the Cloud Organization and potentially more details

change-tibco-cloud-organization - Changes the Organization in the cloud-properties file


show-cloud-apps - Show a Table of all the deployed Cloud Applications

show-cloud-app-links - Show Links to your Cloud Applications

start-cloud-app - Start your local cloud application project

build-cloud-app - Build your local cloud application project

test-cloud-app - Run Test cases for your cloud application

test-cloud-app-headless - Run Test cases for your cloud application, headless (without opening the browser)

deploy-cloud-app - Deploy your local cloud application project

build-deploy-cloud-app - Builds and Deploys your local project to the cloud

delete-cloud-app - Delete a cloud application

generate-descriptor - Generates the configured Public Cloud Descriptor

update-packages - Updates the NPM packages in the @tibco-tcstk scope in your project.

inject-lib-sources - Enables your project for Cloud Library Debugging

undo-lib-sources - Undoes the enabling for Cloud Library Debugging

schematic-add - Add a schematic into your project


show-properties - Shows the properties in your properties file (and possibly the global values)

add-or-update-property - Adds or Updates a property in a file.

obfuscate-password - Obfuscate a password and put it in the cloud-properties file

view-global-config - View the global cloud connection configuration

update-global-config - Update the global cloud connection configuration

create-multiple-property-file - Creating an initial property file to manage multiple cloud applications and organizations.

generate-cloud-property-files - Generates a list of cloud property files.

replace-string-in-file - Replace string in file following the Replace_FROM, Replace_TO and Replace_PATTERN properties

replace-values-in-files - Replace string in file following based on answers provided

validate - Validations on the setting and/or the value of a property, the existence of a Cloud Application, LiveApp or TCI App.


show-live-apps-cases - Show Live Apps Cases

show-live-apps-design-time-apps - Show Live Apps Applications in Development (can be copied)

show-live-apps-users - Shows the users in LiveApps (which can be added to groups).

show-live-apps-groups - Displays the LiveApps groups and their users.

show-live-apps-sandbox - Displays the LiveApps Sandbox ID's for Production and Development

show-live-apps-actions - Displays the LiveApps actions (Creators & Actions) for a CaseType

create-live-apps-group - Creates a new LiveApps group.

add-user-to-group - Adds a user to a LiveApps group.

export-live-apps-case-type - Export the details of a Live Apps Case Type

export-live-apps-cases - Export Data from Live Apps

generate-live-apps-import-configuration - Generate the Live Apps Import configuration file

import-live-apps-cases - Import Cases to Live Apps

copy-live-apps-between-organizations - Copies a LiveApps application between organizations.


show-shared-state - Show the shared state contents

show-shared-state-details - Shows the details of one Shared State entry.

create-shared-state-entry - Create a new shared state entry

clear-shared-state-entry - Removes one Shared State entry.

clear-shared-state-filter - Removes all shared state entries in the configured filter.

export-shared-state - Downloads all shared state entries from the configured filter to the local file system.

import-shared-state - Uploads one entry or the configured filter from the local file system to the shared state.

watch-shared-state - Monitors the local shared state and when changes are detected it is uploaded to the cloud.


show-cloud-folders - Displays the content of the LiveApps Organization Folders.

create-cloud-folder - Creates a new LiveApps Organization Folder.

upload-file-to-cloud-folder - Uploads a file to a LiveApps Organization Folder

download-cloud-files-from-cloud-folder - Downloads file(s) from a LiveApps Organization Folder to disk

delete-file-from-cloud-folder - Deletes file(s) from a LiveApps Organization Folder


tci-manage-api-access - Manage the API access for the TCI API

show-tci-apps - List all TIBCO Cloud Integration Applications(Flogo, Scribe, Node.JS & Business Works).

monitor-tci-app - Monitor the logs of a TIBCO Cloud Integration Flogo Application

export-tci-app - Exports a TCI-Flogo Application

generate-client-code-from-tci-app - Generates client code from a Flogo application, so you can invoke this from your application.


show-messaging-summary - Show summary of cloud messaging

show-messaging-clients - Show clients of cloud messaging


browse-spotfire-library - List Spotfire Analytical Reports and browse through folders on the Spotfire Library.

list-spotfire-library - Lists all components(DXP's, Mods, Information links, Data files or Data connections) in your SF Library.

create-spotfire-library-folder - Creates a new Library Folder.

share-spotfire-library-folder - Shares a Spotfire Library Folder with a Specific User.

copy-spotfire-library-item - Copies a Spotfire Library Item (a DXP for example) from one place to another (possibly between organizations).

rename-spotfire-library-item - Renames a Spotfire Library Item (a DXP for example).

delete-spotfire-library-item - Deletes a Spotfire Library Item (a DXP for example).

upload-spotfire-dxp - Uploads a Spotfire DXP into a specific library folder.

download-spotfire-dxp - Downloads a Spotfire DXP from a library folder.


show-nimbus-maps - Shows a list of available Nimbus maps


show-discover-process-analysis - Show's the process analysis of Project Discover

show-discover-datasets - Show's the datasets of Project Discover

show-discover-templates - Show's the templates of Project Discover

show-discover-dataset-files - Show's a list of dataset files for Project Discover

export-discover-datasets - Exports the datasets of Project Discover into JSON files

upload-discover-dataset-file - Uploads a CSV file for analysis in Project Discover

remove-discover-dataset-file - Removes a Dataset file in Project Discover

create-discover-dataset - Create a Dataset for Project Discover

remove-discover-dataset - Removes a Dataset for Project Discover

run-discover-process-analysis - Runs a Process Analysis for Project Discover

action-discover-process-analysis - Run an action(Archive, Remove, Rerun) on a Process Analysis from Project Discover

export-discover-config - Exports the configuration for Project Discover into a JSON file

import-discover-config - Imports the configuration for Project Discover into a JSON file

watch-discover-config - Looks for changes in configuration for Project Discover JSON file, and uploads them

upload-discover-asset - Uploads a discover asset, for example used in the landing page background picture or icons


show-oauth-tokens - Displays OAUTH tokens to authenticate to the TIBCO Cloud.

generate-oauth-token - Generate a new OAUTH token to authenticate to the TIBCO Cloud.

revoke-oauth-token - Revokes an existing OAUTH token.

rotate-oauth-token - Revokes your existing OAUTH token and then generates a new one.

validate-and-rotate-oauth-token - Checks if OAUTH token is valid for more than a configured time (1 week for example) and if not, it will rotate it.