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Document List and upload Component

This Component allows to list, upload, download, Documents attached to a Case-Instance or a whole Application. In the Upload Dialog the User is able to select a local File and enter a short Description.

The Component stores also the following Data

  • uploading User
  • Timestamp
  • File Size

Document List
alt-text Document Upload Dialog


This Component can be used by using the following HTML Tag:



Attribute Type Comments
customActions string[] Custom Document Buttons (array of text)
filter string NOT used but would allow a search filter on documents
folderDescription string header text on component (defaults to documents)
folderId string The organisation folder to store/retrieve documents
folderType string orgFolders' or 'caseFolders' - different API calls made according to which one this is
sandboxId number sandboxId - this comes from claims resolver
showHeader boolean


Attribute Type Comments
customActionClicked EventEmitter

full development Documentation

Link to LiveAppsDocumentsComponent