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TIBCO Cloud™ Composer - Case Manager App

Pattern - Case Manager App, containing all core and essential Case Management Features to create more advanced low-code applications based on TIBCO Cloud™ LiveApps.

Splash Screen

Welcome and Application Overview, fully use case specific adjustable.


Cases Overview

Case Search, Case Statistics, Favorite and Recent Cases Lists, plus Application Collaboration Notes.


Case Instance Details

Milestone Tracker, Case Actions, User Forms, Case Instance Collaboration Notes, Case Document Attachments, State and Audit Trail.


Link to Application GIT build out of Components from Link to Component GIT

All used Background Details and Getting Started HowTos here.


a quick first video, to get an impression.

Link: YouTube ~2 min

Help / How to

Get Started

some quicks way to get started


how to configure the App

All Configuration JSON Files can be found in "src/assets/config".

Basic Developer

dome basic Developer focused Details


how to deploy the App

Advanced Developer

more advanced Details


Copyright © 2022. TIBCO Software Inc.
This file is subject to the license terms contained in the license file that is distributed with this file.

For more license details and dependent third party components referenced by this library, see here: - TIBCO Cloud Composer License PDF - TIBCO Cloud Composer License TXT