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How to create an Angular App from scratch in 3 simple steps

How to create a new App using Angular CLI from our Cloud Composer Component Library Template.

Use Cloud Composer Template from NPM

Step 1) Install TIBCO Cloud CLI on a global level

Use the Node Package Manger(NPM) to install the TIBCO Cloud CLI and it's depencency GULP on a global level:

npm install -g @tibco-tcstk/cloud-cli


Step 2) Build App

Build a new cloud starter using the Cloud CLI

There are 2 ways of doing this; interactive and non-interactive.

a) the Interactive Option

Your first option is to start the cloud cli and go through the interactive menu. In this example we just start the cloud cli, in a folder where you want to create the new cloud starter, as follows:



Select Create New Cloud Starter; and give it a name:


Select the Case Manager App Template:


And now you see the starter being created:


Choose the TIBCO Cloud Region that you are using:


Now enter the client ID that you can get from the TIBCO Cloud Webpage


Then enter your TIBCO Cloud User name and Password. Note: You can also leave the password blank so it won't be stored; but then you have to enter it each time you start the Cloud CLI. Then the NPM packages will be installed and eventually you will see this message:


b) the command line Option

Your second option is provide the name of your cloud starter and the template to use on the command line, for example:

tcli new MyAwesomeCloudStarter -t "Case Manager App (GIT)"

Step 3) Start App

No you can go into Cloud Starter folder and start it up

cd MyAwesomeCloudStarter/
tcli start

Now you can reach your Cloud Starter App on: https://localhost:4200/