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Application list

Status Component Type

Special rendering of LiveAppsApplicationsComponent


This Component can be used by using the following HTML Tag:



Attribute Type Comments
selectedAppIds string[] The app Ids selected (output)
appIds string[] The list of LA Application IDs you want to handle
formFieldRendering boolean
label string
sandboxId number sandboxId - this comes from claims resolver
selectedAppId string Pre-select specified appId
selectFirstApp boolean Whether to auto select the first app in dropdown selector (eg search)


Attribute Type Comments
appIdsSelected EventEmitter
Event appIdsSelected Applications selected in component (appIds)
Payload string[] selected App Ids from the application list (used on config)
appsSelected EventEmitter
Event appsSelected Applications selected in component (CaseType objects)
Payload CaseType[] Array of CaseType objects of what was selected
selection EventEmitter
Event selection Value selected in child component
Payload CaseType type varies. but is when something is selected in a drop down it is passed back to the caller

full development Documentation

Link to LiveAppsApplicationListComponent