Build an application to insert/update real-time data to TIBCO® Graph Database

The following section provides step-by-step, hands-on exercises that show how to build a Flogo application by parsing data coming in CSV files and inserting it to TIBCO® Graph Database.

The Labs leverage the Northwind dataset (sample dataset used by Microsoft to demonstrate the features of their relational database). The exercises illustrate how GraphBuilder can be used to convert relational data into graph and then insert it into TIBCO® Graph Database.

  • Project GraphBuilder and the artifacts needed for the exercises can be downloaded here
  • Click here to download GraphBuilder user extensions
  • Click here to download the project data, graph model and TGDB configuration
  • Click here to download the GUI utilities

The Labs use TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise studio to configure the applications. It is required to have it locally installed before starting building the application. Click here to download TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise studio

Import Extension

After the installation of TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise studio has been completed, import all required user extensions files (,, and as shown in the image below

  • In “Extensions” tab click “Upload” button
  • Click “From a Zip file”
  • Select one user extension (for example from your download folder at a time
  • Click “Upload and compiling”

Import Extension

Click “Done” when extensions are uploaded and compiled

Import Extension

Uploaded extension will be display on left panel

Import Extension

Keep uploading all other required extensions. Here are required user extensions

  • GraphBuilder
  • GraphBuilder_TGDB
  • GraphBuilder_Tools
  • GraphBuilder_SSE

Import Extension

This completes the set up for the Labs

Lab1 - CSV

Build an application to populate TIBCO® Graph Database with data coming from CSV files

Lab2 - Query

Build an application to query against TIBCO® Graph Database

Lab3 - real-time

Build an application to insert/update real-time data to TIBCO® Graph Database

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