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The solution is based on four core main components: Graph Connector, BuildGraph Activity, TGDB Connector and TGDBUpsert. This section explains in detail each one of them.
  • Graph Connector: Graph connector is a component which hosts a graph model for sharing throughout graph construction related activities. The activities that connect to the same Graph connector share the same graph model (data schema)
  • BuildGraph Activity: A BuildGraph Activity must connect to a Graph Connector to build the input data schema from the graph model which is hosted in the Graph Connector. BuildGraph Activity transforms the input data into graph entities (nodes, edges and their attributes) based on the graph model.
  • TGDB Connector: A TGDB Connector is the component that stores TIBCO® Graph Database server connection information. Activities which connect to the same TGDB Connector are connecting to the same TIBCO® Graph Database server instance
  • TGDBUpsert: A TGDBUpsert activity consumes the graph entities from a BuildGraph Activity and inserts/updates them into TIBCO® Graph Database


The core extension which provides BuildGraph activity to construct graph based on input data coming from user’s predefined graph model


Extension that contains activities that perform CRUD operations against TIBCO® Graph Database


Extension that contains activities to perform upsert operations against Dgraph database


Extension that contains activities to perform upsert operation against Neo4j database


Extension that contains activities to perform upsert operation against Gremlin Janusgraph server


SSE user extension that contains activities for implementing Server Sent Event (HTTP based streaming event) client and server


User extension that provides utilities for building a graph database related Flogo application

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