Flogo Web UI

Getting Started

For an overview of how to get started, check out the Quickstart guide

Installing the Project Flogo Web UI

Installing the Project Flogo Web UI is quite simple and requires nothing more than Docker pre-installed on your machine to fetch the Docker image.

Fetching and starting the Web UI

To get started with the latest version of the Flogo Web UI paste this command in a terminal window:

docker run -it -p 3303:3303 flogo/flogo-docker:latest eula-accept

Launching the Web UI

To launch Flogo WebUI simply open your favorite web browser, and navigate to http://localhost:3303. You’ll see our mascot Flynn there to greet you!

Web UI

Restarting the Web UI docker container

After the Docker container has been shutdown, you may wish to simply restart the same container instance, rather than creating a new instance via the docker run command. You can easily do this by issuing the docker start command and reference the previously running container id. You can find the container name and id by using the command docker ps -a and searching for the container with the image flogo/flogo-docker. Use the ID (or name) associated with the image to issue the docker start command. For example:

docker start b24e4b9f3fa5