LoadTester Trigger

This trigger provides your flogo application the ability to run simple load test on a specified action

Implementation based off go-wrk.


flogo install github.com/project-flogo/contrib/trigger/loadtester



Name Type Description
startDelay int The start delay of the test in seconds, default: 30
duration int The duration of the test in seconds, default: 60
concurrency int The level of concurrency, default: 5
data any Optional data to pass along to the action
handler string The named handler to test, defaults to the first handler


Name Type Description
data any The data from the settings to pass along

Example Configuration

Test Flow

Configure the Trigger to load test the ‘flow:testflow’

json { "triggers": [ { "id": "tester", "ref": "github.com/project-flogo/contrib/trigger/loadtester", "settings": { "startDelay": 15, "duration": 120, "concurrency" : 5, "handler": "test" }, "handlers": [ { "name": "test", "action": { "ref": "github.com/project-flogo/flow", "settings": { "flowURI": "res://flow:testflow" } } } ] } ] } ``