Best practices for app development

There are a few best practices that we recommend when developing apps and functions using Flogo.


You definitely want to store your apps in a source control system and we recommend the the below template for your .gitignore for Flogo apps

## Project Flogo .gitignore
## To restore all dependencies and prepare the project for build run
## the command `flogo imports sync`

## bin folder is constructed using flogo build

using the -cv flag

With the flogo cli you’re usually on the latest tagged version of the main flogo repos. If you want to pick up the latest master branch, or a specific branch, you can use the -cv flag with flogo create. This flag will pull the specified version of the project-flogo/core when the app structure is built.

  • For flogo-lib you can use

You can replace master with any branch/tag that you you want

update a package to a specific version

By default, the flogo cli will use the latest tagged version of any contrib. If you’d like to pick up the latest tagged release, master or a specific tagged release use the flogo update command:

flogo update
flogo update
flogo update