Contributing to the Showcase

Have an activity, trigger or app that you want to share with the Flogo comunity? That’s awesome! To contribute to the showcase follow the steps below.


The showcase is located at the root of the flogo repo and is structured as follows.

├── data 
│   ├── items.toml                  <-- the showcase data file

Adding your contribution

After you’ve forked the flogo repo and cloned it to your local machine, open showcases/data/items.toml in your favorite text editor. You can search to see if your contribution has been listed already or simply append your specific contribution, as shown below.

name = "Aggregate"
type = "activity"
description = "This activity provides your flogo application with rudimentary aggregation capabilities."
url = ""
uploadedon = "January 8, 2018"
author = "TIBCOSoftware"
showcase = "true"
  • Enter your contribution name
  • Specify the type: activity, trigger or app
  • Supply a short description
  • Provide the GitHub url
  • Specify your uploaded date
  • Provide your github id
  • display your contribution in the showcase

Building the showcase

In order to build and submit your changes, please follow the instructions below:

  • Fork the flogo repo
  • Update the showcase with your content, as shown above
  • Create a PR against the flogo repo

Automatic updates

Flogo checks for activity updates and new activities once per day and automatically adds them to the items.toml file. By default new additions will not be visible in the showcase, unless the author of the contribution submits a PR to the Flogo repository to do so. Flogo automatically removes contributions that are no longer on GitHub.