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Making smart contracts smarter

Project Project Dovetail™ by TIBCO LABS™

Developing blockchain solutions with today’s technology is challenging given the lack of tooling and standardization. Project Dovetail™ by TIBCO LABS™ addresses these issues by providing a graphical interface for modeling smart contracts, making them easier to write, visualize, test, and audit, all without deep programming experience.

Logic is abstracted from low-level code, and contracts can be developed for different blockchain stacks with little or no code. On-chain and off-chain computation can become more seamless, time to market is improved, and the risk of technology lock-in is reduced. Project Dovetail makes your smart contracts smarter.

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Labs provide you with guides, tutorials and code samples and will help you work through building and deploying Dovetail smart contracts.

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The whole Project consists of the some sub-projects as separate repos.

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