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Next Steps

here the next Steps we like to take for the Angular Components in priority and as time allows:

  • add more Pattern Apps, ... detailed planning started already
  • add more CLI Tooling
  • add other more connectivity options to all TIBCO Cloud™ API's, e.g.
    TIBCO Cloud™ Events, TIBCO Cloud™ Metadata

latest TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version

Release 17.April.2020

updated the Cloud Starter Toolkit which includes:

  • TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging - Initial Release
  • TCLI, New Tasks: Delete-Cloud-Starter, Show-Live-Apps, Export-Case-Type, Export-Live-Apps-Cases
  • TCLI, Name Changes: differentiating between cloud starters and live apps
  • TCLI, Bug Fixes, to make cli work in windows
  • Bug Fixes

NPM TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version 1.2.4

Release 16.March.2020

Bugfix release

  • Fixed bug with page continuously reloading on deployment.

NPM TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version 1.2.3

Release 13.March.2020

updated the Cloud Starter Toolkit which includes:

  • Leveraging the latest form renderer from LiveApps.
  • Added the ability to use javascript functions/buttons on rendered forms.
  • Configuration for Spotfire to LiveApps Mapping, so you can configure creating a LiveApps Case, based on a Spotfire Marking.
  • 2 New Schematics; one for a Spotfire Report with a configuration and one for an Analytics Cockpit.
  • Schematic handling and configuration in the TCLI.
  • Some Bug fixes …

NPM TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version 1.2.2

Release 28.February.2020

updated Cloud Starter Toolkit to which includes:

  • A Schematic for Spotfire, to quickly add a Spotfire report to your Cloud Starter.
  • Manage-Multiple support for tcli, which allows you to execute tasks on many Cloud Starters and many environments at once.
  • An update feature for 'tcli'
  • Additional configurations for the LiveApps Lib and the Spotfire Lib.
  • Performance updates and Bug fixes

NPM TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version 1.2.1

Release 30.January.2020

new Pattern 'Analytics App' added, allows to integrate with TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Dashboards within an broad Angular App Solution.

  • new Pattern 'Analytics App' added to the list of available Apps.
  • adding new 'TIBCO Spotfire® Wrapper' Library Component.
  • New custom form layout capability for generated forms (casedata, creator, action)
  • OAuth interceptor for forthcoming CIC release
  • Proxy interceptor to use TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery® proxy for API calls
  • TCLI updated to provide shared state management

NPM TIBCO-TCSTK Library Version 1.2.0

Release 7.January.2020

new Pattern 'Base App' added, just containing basics, a great starting point for any Solution.

Release 13.Nov.2019

added a new page, to list all available Pattern Apps on one Page.

Release 26.Oct.2019

added new no-coding App configuration Options

  • more configuration Options on the first App Splash Screen,
  • including Background and Icon Image upload options.

Release 7.Oct.2019

update around Forms

  • Ability to filter actions from the actions list in a custom case cockpit.
  • Ability to push case change (run hidden action) from a custom case form.

Release 20.Sept.2019

update and fixes

  • fixes to auto-rendered-forms get displayed

Release 16.Sept.2019

release contains a number of UX Style fixes + Version updates

  • Schematic Version updates
  • UI Component layout fixes
  • some Release Testing, and Legal Approvals

Release 30.Aug.2019

first public available release, and new Tooling

  • Angular Schematics Tooling
  • npm Tooling

Release 31.July.2019

first closed available release, with restricted access only

  • initial Release with 58 Core, and TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps Components
  • ready to use 'Case Manager App' for TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps

Early Drafts and Beta Stage from 26.Apr.2019

This is where we started the Development.